abusing authority or my unlucky day?

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abusing authority or my unlucky day?

Postby miko » Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:21 pm

Just a couple days ago I was in my car with the engine on gear "N" waiting for parking outside a bank in Mont Kiara.
A police officer came over and asked me to move but I explained to him I am waiting for a soon to come out customer and I am not blocking anybody.
Before I finish he already wrote me a ticket and threw it on my windshield. I got down the car to explain more but he is walking away giving me the "ya, so?" look.
I told him you cannot do this I can complain about you on this. I swear to everybody who is reading this...he strutted away smirking at me. (I wander why he has no hesitation acting out his unreasonable authority?)

Heated up, I went all the way to Bukit Aman complain department and met with the deputy in charge.
Again, same attitude, before I finished describing the situation, I was told the police officer is doing the right job. Barely able to hold my jaw from dropping, I disbelievedly asked so I am wrong then? The deputy in charge told me the police officer told me to drive away for a reason like as in I was blocking the road. I told him calmly I was not. He asked me back how do I know I am not? oooooookay...... but before another sentence he took my saman and signed it and told me I don't have to pay for it, OK? (Taken: this is a sign to tell me Miss, this won't go anywhere I am offering you this so take it).

Now the point from what I get from this.

1) Now I understand why the police officer strutted away with a smirk on his face. Because he knows his boss will be behind his back!
2) I also understand why the deputy in charge cannot be bothered to hear my story. Because there are so many endless cases like mine every single day for him to handle!

Now the chicken and egg phrase.

1) Since the deputy has too many of these sort of cases to handle, he chose to back his boys on small cases like this.
2) Since his boys know his boss cannot be bothered, they have no problem bullying certain drivers whenever they feel like.
3) Now this just create more complain cases back to the big boss...

In the end, there are just way too many complains piling up at his door and mailbox for him to be bothered!

It might not be one of my lucky days, but it is an eye opening day for me to discover how sad this country is.
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Re: abusing authority or my unlucky day?

Postby gunajalanraya » Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:49 am

just my personal opinion. you may have your rights and you may not be blocking anyone.

but let us all be rational. a no parking zone is still a no parking zone. and if everyone were to park in a no parking zone, and say i am not blocking anyone, what will happen?

and if other people see and know that the traffic police is not issuing you a compound even after giving you a warning and you are still there, then people will start saying that the police is not working. or worse, others may say the police are biased.

the traffic police is just doing his job, and he also took the liberty to warn you. ok, though we can see he is not flexible enough.

and frankly, we all will get frustrated and irritated since we know the person we are waiting is coming out soon and we are just going to be there only for a little while.. if anyone of us is in your shoe, we may ourselves get very agitated too. but lets see a wider picture, he is not asking you for kopi nor accusing you of doing something you are not. he is just doing exactly what he is employed to perform.

you should have move and drive a little further to where parking is allowed, or simply drive around and come back to the spot. that way, the police has done his duty and you are doing yourself a good favor too.

anyway, you have made your point known to the deputy and got the ticket voided. so let us all learn from this lesson and also perhaps the police force can also learn to be more flexible in such a situation (if warrant to).
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Re: abusing authority or my unlucky day?

Postby miko » Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:42 pm

in reply to your point of "no parking zone" you have misunderstood my location at that point.
I was waiting at a parking road, you know with those parking lots drawn slanted in front of shop lots where the bank is. And you have to buy a ticket from a stationed machine. And the road is wide open with 3 lanes, one row of slanted parking lots, one row of car road and half of the 3rd row is motorbikes parking. For your information, it is a ONE WAY ROAD.
It is not a no parking zone, nor no waiting zone nor nothing. And I was waiting behind a parked car waiting for the person who will be finishing his ATM withdrawal to come out.

I know your point stated that the police officer is doing his job to issue saman but he has no ground to give me a fine. If I am violating the law and I got fined, sure I pay with respect. But I can honestly tell you I did nothing wrong and got summoned. And the main point is...you cannot do anything about it.

WE DO NOT NEED THE POLICE FORCE TO BE MORE FLEXIBLE. We just need them to do their job right.
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