Angry with double- parking menace

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Angry with double- parking menace

Postby admin » Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:32 am

I have been parking in SS15, Subang Jaya, every day for the past two years. It has never been an easy task negotiating narrow roads what with all the double-parking by irresponsible drivers. My car has been blocked countless times throughout these two years and I have been very patient knowing that I can’t do much about it.

However, a recent incident made me so furious that it lead me to write this letter.

I had parked my car in a legal parking spot and paid for the parking ticket when I reached SS15. When the time came for me to leave, I found that my car was blocked by a double-parked car.

I honked a few times expecting the driver to turn up and move the car. To my disbelief, nobody turned up and I had to keep honking for about 15 minutes! I noticed that the driver had the nerve to pay for the parking ticket despite knowing that his/her car was parked illegally. I was parked in front of the SS15 Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) office.

I proceeded to a nearby MPSJ van and told the officer that the particular car was blocking my car.

I asked him if it was possible to tow the car away as I have often seen illegally parked cars in SS15 being towed away. He told me that there were no tow trucks available.

I then asked if he could at least issue a summons to the driver concerned for not parking his car in a proper parking spot and double parking to boot. The officer’s reply was: “Tak boleh lah, tak ada.” What was that supposed to mean?

I stormed off and continued to honk for the next 15 minutes before the obviously uneducated and uncivilised driver turned up to move the car.

My point is why do I need to pay for parking if I need to wait half an hour before the irresponsible driver who blocked my car moved his vehicle?

I try to be a cooperative and civic conscious citizen by parking in allotted parking spots and paying for my parking ticket every time I do so. There have been times when my parking ticket had exceeded the time limit by just 30 minutes and I’d find a summons on my windscreen.

Mind you, the driver who blocked my car for 30 minutes didn’t even get a summons. I am very certain that the driver was double-parked for longer than 30 minutes (I saw the driver coming out of an office nearby with a working tag on). Does this mean that everyone can double-park by buying parking tickets? Why don’t we all double-park from now on? Why do we even need to bother parking in proper bays and paying the parking ticket?

I don’t see any justice in this and was extremely frustrated at the illogical answers given to me by the MPSJ officers. Parking around SS15 is a hassle every day when you meet such dim-witted, irresponsible drivers who double-park at their own convenience and who obviously don’t get penalised or punished for it.

Talking about parking tickets, I have had to walk to four parking machines many times to be able to get my parking ticket. The machines are constantly spoilt and unusable causing drivers so much trouble.

I have seen many times where only one out of five parking ticket machines are working and I had to hunt high and low for a functioning one.

We are expected to put parking tickets or risk being fined and here we have spoilt machines. Is this really fair? Do all of us drivers need to search through two blocks of buildings to find a working parking ticket machine just because we try to be law abiding citizens? Will we get a summons if the nearest parking machine is not working?

I am sure it isn’t the driver’s fault if the machine is spoilt. So I urge the relevant MPSJ officers to buck up and start issuing summonses to uncivilised drivers who double-park.

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