Cheaper fuel pledge comes true

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Cheaper fuel pledge comes true

Postby admin » Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:02 am

BELAGA: The Federal Government is making good on its promise to reduce the price of diesel and petrol in rural Sarawak.

Slowly but surely, the prices of fuel, used for vehicles and to run generators sets to produce electricity, are being reduced in stages.

In Belaga district in central Sarawak, diesel and petrol are now sold at between RM2 and RM2.40 per litre.

The new prices are a far cry from before – less than three months ago, diesel and petrol cost between RM5 and RM8 per litre in the district.

Now, most parts of Belaga district, except for the very remote areas near the Sarawak-Kalimantan border, sell the fuel at the new prices following the move by the Government to implement a fuel-transportation subsidy scheme for rural regions in Sarawak and Sabah.

A visit by The Star to the Bakun region in the district recently found that stations located along the road leading to the Bakun Dam sell the fuel at the reduced price.

This reduction in prices of the fuel is benefitting thousands of people who still depend heavily on their own vehicles to travel between Bakun and Bintulu town for social and commercial purposes.

Residents in longhouses and settlements where there is still no electricity supply also save greatly from the reduced price as they need not have to burn their pockets like before just to buy diesel to run their generator sets.

There are two fuel stations at the Sungai Asap resettlement scheme, some 50km from Bakun, catering to a big population.

One manager said the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry had conducted dialogues with fuel station operators and instructed them to lower the prices of the fuel.

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