Garbage and parking woes

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Garbage and parking woes

Postby admin » Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:40 pm

THE wholesalers at popular wholesale fashion hub in Jalan Kenanga, Kuala Lumpur, also known as Ho Ching Yuen are hoping for a dialogue with Alam Flora soon,

They hope to discuss the time for rubbish collection services in the area so that Alam Flora trucks will not be deterred from coming in due to the traffic congestion.

This is following the uncollected garbage incident last week where heaps of rubbish at the backlanes went uncollected for about 10 days and became an eyesore to shoppers.

According to Malaysia Garments Wholesale Merchants Association president Datuk Ang Say Tee, the uncollected garbage not only deterred shoppers but emitted a foul smell when the day is hot or when it rains.

“When we contacted Alam Flora, they said the rubbish went uncollected because of the jam and double-parking of cars that pose a problem to them.

“Therefore, we hope to have a dialogue with Alam Flora and work out rubbish collection details.

“Also, I hope all wholesalers will cooperate by not throwing rubbish indiscriminately by the roadside,” said Ang.

StarMetro was informed that the pile of rubbish was cleared yesterday.

Ang said although there was lack of enforcement on indiscriminate throwing of rubbish by the shopkeepers at the roadside, the shopkeepers had no choice as no bins were prepared for them.

“We have never had any bins since Ho Ching Yuen wholesale fashion business started.

“The bins will definitely make things convenient for the Alam Flora workers and we wish that DBKL makes it a requirement to have at least one in every backlane here,” he said.

Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lun, who was also present, said he will arrange for a dialogue with Alam Flora soon.

“Hopefully, we can also agree on a different time slot.

“It definitely does not augur well for the city’s image if every backlane becomes a rubbish dump,” said Fong.

Mimms Fashion Sdn Bhd managing director Alex Hiew also voiced out another perennial problem - traffic jams when coming in and out of this area.

“The congestion has been here for the last 10 years. As this area grew and with more than 300 over shops now, motorists are finding it difficult to park.

“If this problem is not looked into soon, then we are afraid motorists may not want to come and this will affect our business,” said Hiew.

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