Illegal Parking in Condominium

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Illegal Parking in Condominium

Postby gunajalanraya » Mon Dec 17, 2007 1:26 am

Some idiot parked his/her car at my designated parking lot in my condominium, already 4 days. I have talked to the guard and the management people, all they said they can do is clamped the car.

What is the used of clamping for that idiot has not remove his/he car until now. He/she might park here for weeks. So what can I do, I pay for the lot and monthly maintenance too, so why should I allowed some idiot to park his/her car at their fancy. And obviously this idiot knew he/she will be away for many days and thus do not want to park in the open air visitor parking (which has plenty of lots), so simply choose the most convenient covered parking which belongs to me.

I seriously thought of asking the toll truck to come and toll it away, but why should I pay money for this work, I thought it should be the management responsibility.

Furthermore, the security in my building is very lacking, they have guard in the guard house but all they ever do are open and close the gates, they never check for the identity or who the visitor is visiting. So now the problem exist, until now we do not even know the car belongs to who or which unit.

Anyone knows what to do? Do let me know and share your knowledge, thanks!
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