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JPJ Principles

Postby admin » Thu Aug 30, 2007 5:04 am

TO improve the quality of service to the public, JPJ has outlined some principles to be implemented, such as:

> Simple and accessible service: JPJ services have to be simplified in the aspect of procedures, documentation and required information.

> Quick and effective service: JPJ services should be carried out in a quick, efficient manner, particularly in the aspect of costing as well as the fulfilment of customer needs.

The employment of neat and simple procedures, as well as usage of ICT, should be widely used in the effort to simplify and facilitate daily tasks.

> Services that fulfil requirements of the law: JPJ services must always comply with laws and regulations that pertain to their services.

Lawful and corrective measures must always be taken on matters that do not comply with lawful requirements.

> Integrity and consistency of service: JPJ services must always have integrity and consistency at all times. Active and ongoing efforts to curtail violations and wrongdoing should be implemented.

> Proper, accurate and secure information: JPJ services should always ensure that information kept and disseminated is proper and accurate. Information must be kept securely for the purpose of reference and customer transactions.

> Service that is courteous and friendly for the customer: JPJ services must always make customer relations a priority. This is done through the concept of being “customer-friendly”.

Office surroundings also need to be taken into account when it comes to customer comfort and satisfaction, as well as the comfort of officers and JPJ staff. ... sec=nation
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