Litrak: Interchange is safe

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Litrak: Interchange is safe

Postby admin » Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:24 am

LITRAK, the concessionaire of the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP), has assured roadusers that the highway’s Puchong Jaya Interchange is safe for the public to use.

Many roadusers are alarmed by the cracks that have appeared at the base of the bridge.

They found out about the situation from a widely-circulated e-mail titled LDP Puchong Jaya Interchange: Major Crack Line Found, which was obtained from an anonymous blog.

The blogger claimed that the cracks range from 1.25mm to 8.65mm in width while the permissible range is only 0.3mm.

The blogger warned of the possibility of the steel being exposed to corrosion and eventually giving way when it could no longer withstand the force of the tension.

“Now comes the final question: Is it safe?” the blogger wrote.

The e-mail caught the attention of Public Works Department (JKR) director-general Datuk Seri Prof Judin Abdul Karim, who visited the site together with his officers and Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) deputy director-general Mohd Shuhaimi Hassan.

Also present were Litrak chief executive officer Sazally Saidi, engineering department senior manager Francisco Anthony Dass and communications head Bhavani Krishna Iyer.

Litrak assured roadusers that the cracks were not a threat to safety.

It also said the blogger had made conclusions without any in-depth knowledge and history of the cracks.

“We discovered the cracks during an annual inspection programme conducted last year and started repair works in March this year. The photos taken by the blogger were after the cracks were sealed in May.

“The blogger assumed the width of the cracks based on some markings on the bottom slab when the figures actually represent the length of the cracks in metres,” Sazally said.

Dass said the cracks were most probably due to shrinkage, and that these were only hairline cracks.

“As they were too fine, we had to groove the cracks, seal and inject epoxy inside.

“As advised by our consultant, we have been monitoring the areas repaired regularly to check whether the problem is solved or if new cracks have appeared. That is why we have not painted it till now,” he said.

Dass added that there were no new cracks found during their fortnightly inspection, with the last one held on July 14.

Bhavani said Litrak had no idea who was behind the anonymous blog.

“Many roadusers have e-mailed us to voice their concerns and we have explained the actual situation.

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