PLUS’ new-look rest stops

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PLUS’ new-look rest stops

Postby admin » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:13 am

KUALA LUMPUR: If you are travelling this holiday period, you may want to take a break at one of the new and improved highway rest stops.
PLUS Expressways’ chief operating officer Nik Arina Nik Jaffar said a considerable amount of effort and money had been put into improving the existing stops and building several new ones.

Although Nik Arina did not give any figures, sources said PLUS had spent more than RM3 million in the past one year on sprucing up the rest stops.

A check found that the money was well spent.

The new rest stops at Seremban (both sides), Sungai Perak (north-bound), Dengkil (Kuala Lumpur-bound) and Payoh (south-bound) came complete with spacious toilets, male and female toilets for the disabled, shower facilities and a hawker centre.
The rest stops were spotless, thanks to a cleaning schedule implemented by the management.

Together with the new and improved environment, stall owners at the stops have been experiencing good business as well.

Jollie Pang, a stall operator at the Dengkil stop, said the new and clean environment was a big factor in attracting motorists.

Besides boosting the local economy, PLUS has a bigger target to achieve — reducing the number of road accidents.

“Travellers yearn for the comfort of their homes, which is why tired drivers keep on going. They think that there is nothing worth stopping for along the journey,” said Nik Arina.

“Our hope is that by improving the standard of our stops, drivers will take a break.

“This will help drivers to stay alert and reduce accidents.” ... index_html
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