Police to make highway safer

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Police to make highway safer

Postby admin » Wed Jul 18, 2007 7:42 am

MIRI: Armed to the teeth with powerful weapons, fast cars and high-tech gadgets, Sarawak police are now all set to step up their war against gangsters and robbers plaguing the 1,000km Pan-Borneo Highway from here to Kuching.

“We plan to strike fear into the hearts of these gangsters,” said Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Talib Jamas of his “shock and awe” plan.

Among the weapons and gadgetry the police now have are sub-machineguns, high-tech mobile computers that can identify faces and trace criminal records, powerful digital cameras that can capture high-resolution images at high-speed, long-wave frequency telecommunications tools and fast cars.

“Our highway patrol personnel assigned to cover the length of the Pan-Borneo Highway from Miri to Kuching are now armed with both MP5 (sub-machine guns) and pistols.

“We have converted Toyota Hilux and Waja vehicles into fast patrol vehicles for use by these highway patrol units and these vehicles can easily go more than 100km per hour for long distances.

“In each of these vehicles, we have high-tech computers that can trace photos and criminal records and check vehicle numbers, digital cameras that can capture high-resolution images at high velocity and powerful communication tools that can reach long distances.”

Their counterparts on mobile patrol duty inside the cities and towns in the state’s 11 divisions were also equipped with similar powerful accessories, he said yesterday.

Comm Talib said that for the northern half of the state spanning Bintulu and Miri Divisions, the highway patrols are on double duty because there were two branches of the Pan-Borneo Highway, one along the coast and the other along the inland route, each of which measures some 250km long.

Every night, there will be at least two teams along the two branches, one travelling from Miri to Bintulu and the other heading from Bintulu to Miri.


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