Next to go up: Towing charges

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Next to go up: Towing charges

Postby admin » Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:46 pm

IPOH: Towing charges in the country will go up by between 25% and 50%, depending on location, with immediate effect, the Federation of Automobile Workshop Owners Association of Malaysia said.

Its president Cho Chee Seng, who cited rising costs as the reason for the higher charges, said the recommended fees within city limits (or for the first 20km) were RM100 for daytime towing and RM150 at night.

“The nationwide charges are applicable for our 3,000 members nationwide,” he told a press conference here on Monday, adding that the charges were for the first 20km.

For towing on the highway, charges would be RM150 for the first 20km in the daytime and RM200 at night.

For every additional kilometre, members would charge between RM1 for daytime towing and RM2 at night, Cho said.

Previously, tow truck drivers charged RM80 for daytime towing and RM110 at night within city limits; while on the highway, they charged RM100 and RM150 respectively.

“The last time we revised our charges was 10 years ago,” Cho added, noting that the fees did not include toll charges and additional equipment, such as cranes, needed to recover vehicles.

Cho said the members would also increase their labour charges from Tuesday (July 1) onwards.

Workshop owners, he said, would now charge RM45 per hour instead of the previous RM25.

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