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Convenience at your fingertips

Postby admin » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:04 am

THINGS are so simplified with the advent of the Internet which has transcended from a tool of communication to a platform in facilitating e-payment.

The best thing about online facilities is that you can choose the time when to settle bills or pay for certain facilities at anytime of the day at your convenience when opting for online facility.

There are no closing hours unlike payment counters where you have to queue up and settle the necessary bills within the stipulated period of the opening hours.

Access to the portals is 24 hours and you can initiate E-payment from the comfort of your home and office.

One particular area which the government is promoting to get the people acquainted with E-payment is via online road tax renewal.

Motorists can renew their road tax anytime from any place with Internet access via and as well as through the myGovernment portal.

For just RM2.75, you can renew your road tax online, and for an additional RM6, have the road tax delivered within the Klang Valley.

Those living outside the Klang Valley will have to pay RM8 for the delivery service and RM10 for Sabah and Sarawak.

The online renewal service, provided by a service provider was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in April.

The new service will set the benchmark for the implementation of other e-Government applications.

I remember several years ago runners were frequently sought by those who dread driving and waiting at the JPJ office and queuing up to renew their road tax.

For a nominal sum of RM10, the runner would dutifully queue up and get the renewal process done. Of course he does that with a stack of other applications in his hand while at the JPJ to make his trip worthwhile.

JPJ enforcement director Salim Parlan had also assured the public that the new system to renew road taxes online would be transparent and safe.

Salim said the security aspect of the online renewal system would also be taken care of by the company.

He was responding to reports of car dealers criticising the system, saying it was expensive and did not benefit the public.

The fees imposed are actually to cover administrative costs.

“People still have the option of using the old method to deal with JPJ, if they do not want to use the new system.

“It is an alternative so that people will be able to renew their road tax anytime and anywhere without having to follow the department’s office hours,” he said.

Currently, the service provider offers renewal services for all vehicles registered under private use, except for motorcycles which will be launched soon.

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