GPS for your Phone

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a great tool for navigation, it can get you to places you have never even heard off without getting lost. It shows you the shortest route to get to your destination, some can even shows you alternative road so that you can avoid heavy traffic stretches. And also it can shows you point of interests and landmark and how far they are from your current location so that wherever you go, you know exactly where you are and what POIs are surrounding you.

GPS for your Phone

Postby admin » Fri Sep 05, 2008 2:17 am

If you are using N95 or N82 Nokia phone or any other brand or phone model that has built-in or internal GPS, then you should really try the below GPS applications.

By default, for N82 and N95, your phone should already have Nokia Map installed. Try it out, and if you really like how Nokia Map works, then make sure it is the latest build and you have the latest map. To do that, you should download Nokia Map Loader. It is easy to use, just follow the onscreen instruction along the way.

To download Nokia Map Loader, go to

But take note that, although Nokia Map is free to use, you will need to pay if you require assisted navigation and voice guidance. If you are only interested in the map and not the navigation and voice part, I would suggest you to go to option and turn off the "Network based".

And for those who know how to play with your phone, I would suggest you to try to install Garmin Mobile XT S60. Its one of the best I have tried using my N95. And it is rather easy to use too. Search the net or simply google for it and you will find tonnes of articles on this great GPS.

If Garmin Mobile XT S60 is not your preferred choice, then perhaps you might want to try MapKing 2007 S60. Though I must say that personally I think MapKing 2007 S60 is a little bit more tedious to use but nevertheless this is a great GPS too. And also, it has a free 3 days trial.

Please note that, version S60 is only for phone set using Symbian S60 platform. If your phone uses WM (Windows Mobile) platform then you should look for the Garmin Mobile XT Windows Mobile or Mapking 2007 for WM.

Just for your information, Nokia Map, Garmin Mobile XT and MapKing 2007 all three can use internal GPS for satellite tracking of location thus you do not need Internet connection for it. No cost involves for using internal GPS. However, some features do require Internet connection like checking of traffic, which road to avoid and weather etc.

Btw, make sure you are under visible and clear sky, out of building, ceiling and area with alot of building... otherwise you might not be able to get any GPS signal and/or tracking.

Now, with GPS, you will definitely save some petrol money as occurrence of blind driving and getting lost will be minimal. And getting to that xx location, or xx building or that xx restaurant in jalan xx will not be that difficult anymore. Try it, and you will love GPS.
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