A mockery to reduce traffic fines

Fine reduction and discount, announcement by traffic police on discount for traffic saman, announcement on warrant of arrest for traffic offender, deadline for paying saman & etc etc

A mockery to reduce traffic fines

Postby admin » Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:34 am

STIFFER penalties for the more serious violations should not be given a second thought, not when the safety of other road users is at stake.

Increased fines will make one think twice before breaking any rule. This will prevent many from becoming violators of the law.

It will also help to increase a driver’s awareness of road safety.

When fines are reduced to peanuts there will be more inconsiderate “monkeys” on the road.

When the law is broken let the culprit face the music. It is recommended that repeat violators be denied the privilege to drive.

Something has to be done about the appalling standard of driving and general disregard for basic rules. Fine the law breaker and impound the vehicle.

Let us be consistent with what we do. We should not be lenient on crimes committed on the road. It defeats the purpose of the law.

Lowering fines does not encourage offenders to settle their summonses or reduce corruption; instead they make the laws a laughing matter.

Traffic laws are designed to protect other road users from the reckless behaviour of a moronic few.

Also, fines are a good revenue earner that can be used to upgrade our roads.

It is about time fines remain as they are as there is an ever-increasing “group” in society who couldn't care less when it comes to driving.


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