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Postby devadip » Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:33 pm

Last 2 weeks my dad and my mum was travelling on bike , suddenly there was another bike that hit them from back followed by the third bike that hit the second bike. Both of them fell and got injured and have to be taken to hospital by ambulance. So my dad bike was tow to the workshop by towtruck guys. We reported the case the next day as my dads injury didnt permit.
two weeks pass i got no any call from the police officer(sergeant), i decided to call him . He told me that the case was still under investigation. I told him that i want to meet him up. He said ok ,we meet him up the next day. He took my dad statement . He said he cant decide and he also didnt mention anything about the decision or the situation of the accident . as he said its not in his hand. His boss is the one that will decide although he snaps the photo and took the accident photos. He didnt even want to mention the standing of the case situation .He said his BOss is in Putrajaya and will be back next week and then after that will be maybe one leave for another week and then after that only he will decide. And he said....that if the decision is no summone. Then you can file a case in Court for your unsatisfaction.

my question is ? is int automatically fall of the other person if he hit my dad fr behind and my dad only mention the one person or motor only in the report.

do sergeant have the right to issue the summon?

do they take this long to solve this simple case?

how if there is no summon the person as my dad and mum is the victim and the have to suffer with injury and have to pay for the motor repairing fees.who shall i contact ? since the offender is free and dont have to pay anything?
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