Road full of potholes

Potholes and manholes here and there... road bump, road hump, damaging our vehicle and endangering our life... Rubbish along the road... Road in bad condition etc and all about traffic light.

Road full of potholes

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IN the old days, Jalan Kusta in Sungai Buloh was associated with people with leprosy, Today, the road is infected with another disease called “potholes”.

Motorists are upset about the roller-coaster ride over the potholed road which causes much damage to their vehicles.

The problem is made worse at night by the lack of street lights.

According to Kumpulan Jebco (M) Sdn Bhd human resources and administration manager Katherine Tan, the stretch of Jalan Kusta is unsafe with frequent accidents.

She said snatch thefts along the road had also been reported.

“The road has huge potholes caused by about lorries from the quarries in Kundang and Sungai Buloh,” Tan said.

“Many of these lorry drivers are reckless, driving fast through the area without regard for the safety of car drivers, the motorcyclists and pedestrians,” she said.

“My colleagues told me that this road has not been resurfaced for the last 10 years since the factories were built. The Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) should do something about it,” Tan said.

“There are no street lights causing the increase the number of snatch theft cases in the area,’’ she said.

Tan travels to her office in Jalan Kusta at the Kampung Jaya industrial area in Sungai Buloh at least five days a week.

Tan, who lives in Bukit Rahman Putra in Sungai Buloh about 2km from her office, said she could not tolerate such a situation any more and demanded that the authorities did something about the matter before a serious too late.

“When I drive to work, I have to avoid all the potholes along the way with 10-tonne lorries recklessly overtaking my car. I fear for my life,’’ she said.

She said as it was dark and dangerous at night, she always returned home before sundown.

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