Dangerous driving habits on highways

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Dangerous driving habits on highways

Postby admin » Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:07 am

COMING back to Kuala Lumpur from the north on the North-South Expressway recently, I felt like I was driving in a continental European country or the US as most of the cars were on the right lane!

This was most apparent along the six-lane stretch from Tanjung Malim to Jalan Duta, and the hilly part of the highway after Kuala Kangsar and before the Ipoh toll plaza. The left-most lane was most of the time empty as most drivers were using the middle and right-most lanes. And they drove at slow speed.

The Kuala Kangsar-Ipoh stretch was even worse; cars with small horsepower were on the right-most lanes, practically crawling up the hills and hogging the lane!

I find such driving habits, which are common on the Malaysian highways, most annoying and worse, very dangerous.

Throughout the journey, I observed that those hogging the fast lanes did not even react when drivers behind them signalled to overtake on the right lane. The faster drivers then got impatient and used the left lane instead.

Other dangerous habits of Malaysian drivers that I have observed on the highway are:

> Not using the signal lights;

> Buses and lorries hogging the middle and right-most lanes;

> Buses and lorries trying to overtake one another, causing other drivers to slow down, which in turn cause drivers to use their emergency brakes, and on more than one occasion, accidents;

> Drivers and passengers throwing rubbish on the highway.

Read the full article:
http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?fi ... &sec=focus
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