Positive response from industry players and motorists

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Positive response from industry players and motorists

Postby admin » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:55 am

KUALA LUMPUR and Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association president Khoo Kah Jin says improvements to JPJ were seen after its new director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan took over in October last year.

“Whatever we tell him during the stakeholders’ meetings, he takes into consideration. One example is, he allowed used car dealers to undertake the transfer of ownerships themselves.”

Khoo says before this, used car dealers had to go through the registered runners.

“They have also involved us in the implementation of e-Tukar Milik which allows an interim transfer of ownership to a used car dealer from the seller.”

Khoo says from the individual standpoint, car owners are also finding a great improvement in the speed of getting a duplicate registration card.

“It is very fast now. It can be done in about 30 minutes now compared to a whole day before. It is more systematic too.”

Pan Malaysian Lorry Operators Association president Er Sui See feels that although policy makers in the headquarters in Putrajaya set out regulations which are actually very good for the industry, the people in the states do not always follow them.

“These Little Napoleans set their own rules and do not have good knowledge of the law.”

Er cites the ruling for lorry drivers to wear seatbelts, which has not been passed into law yet, being enforced by JPJ officers who are already going around summoning drivers.

Motorist Jason Teo, 25, who went to register a new number plate at the JPJ Wangsa Maju office for his parents who live in Malacca says:

“I managed to finish the errand in 30 minutes. The actual time at the counter when getting the new number plate was a whole four or five minutes.”

Teo says he did not expect it to be so fast, as he had not believed that runners were unnecessary.

He remembers that the last time he interacted with the department was about eight years ago in Malacca when he had to wait hours for his turn at the counter.

Teo says the JPJ website, however, could use some improvement as it does not clearly state some of the instructions on getting a new number plate.

As for Ruby Khoo, 56, getting her preferred number plate was actually quite a fast process.

“I did not want a special number like 888 which involves bidding. I just wanted a four-digit number in a certain sequence.”

Ruby says the first time she went to the department for this purpose was three years ago where she had to wait hours before it was even her turn.

“But when I went in June last year to get a number plate for another car, it was all done in less than an hour. This is because there are now separate queues for car owners and runners.”

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