Manipulated punctures and accidents

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Manipulated punctures and accidents

Postby admin » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:48 am

Motorists should be mindful of people out to cheat and make a fast buck under the pretext of offering their help or services.

These unscrupulous people will do anything, to the extent of endangering people’s life by throwing nails on the motorcycle lanes to puncture tyres. And this has not only happened on the Penang Bridge as reported lately but at times along other highways as well.

The Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd (PBSB) which is monitoring the situation had to resort to using magnets to collect the nails. An average of six punctured tyres are reported daily but on a good day, the figure could rise to 30 cases. And the mechanics plying up and down the bridge charge RM25 to RM30 for a tyre change.

We have heard of cases where road accidents are “created” by unscrupulous people splashing oil onto the road. Before the victims can recover from the shock, they are further traumatised by tow truck operators offering their services. There is a need for the relevant authorities to address these problems before the situation turns unmanageable.

Recently, my friend’s wife was driving home after work and on reaching Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, two men on a motorcycle gesticulated to her that her new car needed immediate repair as it had oil leaks. She stopped the car at a nearby petrol kiosk and the two men managed to convince her to have the leaks repaired before the spare-parts shops closed for the day.

The mechanics dismantled the brake components and one of them rode off, purportedly to purchase the new spare parts. On his return, the parts were fixed. By then, the husband had arrived and to his surprise, the old parts were not handed over to him. He felt cheated and was left with no choice but to settle the dues to avoid any unpleasantness as the mechanics were in an uncompromising mood.

And guess the damage? A whop­ping RM1,100! A check at an authorised workshop the next day revealed no defects. The components were that of the original.

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