Taman Wahyu residents want end to road problem

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Taman Wahyu residents want end to road problem

Postby admin » Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:37 am

FOR more than 25 years, residents of Taman Wahyu in Kuala Lumpur are tired of heavy vehicles passing through their quiet neighbourhood every day.

The residential road has become a highway for trucks as the drivers insist on plying the route to get to the workshops, depots and factories in the area.

Resident S. Nakheran has been lodging complaints with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for many years hoping to see an end to the problem.

“We have been complaining to City Hall for years now, Mayors have come and gone but nobody has resolved our problems,” he said.

Nakheran has also been visiting the Meet-the-Clients session at DBKL on the last Friday of every month hoping to find a solution but nothing has been done so far. DBKL officers have come several times to check on the problem and left without a word.

According to him, clear signboards stating vehicles weighing more than five tonnes are not allowed have been posted at the entrances to the residential area but drivers seem to ignore it.

An alternative road was built for the lorries along Jalan Sibu but the road remains virtually empty.

“Several years ago, we tried blocking the roads but we were told that it is illegal to do so and DBKL promised to resolve the matter if we remove the blockade,” added Nakheran.

Recently chemical lorries from CCM Chemicals Sdn Bhd have been spotted along Jalan Sibu 1 parked at the roadside and residents are getting worried.

They are unsure if there are chemicals in the tanks parked at the roadside overnight and many lorries seem to be frequenting Taman Wahyu at night.

“I have already contacted DBKL about the problem. Residents of Jalan Sibu, Jalan Sibu 13, Jalan Sibu 14 and Jalan Sibu 1 have all decided not to pay the assessment fee if DBKL fails to find a solution,” said Nakheran.

Their next move is to take the issue up with the Public Complaints Bureau.

DBKL has informed StarMetro that an enforcement exercise called Ops Kapas is in motion to deter errant drivers in residential areas.

A DBKL spokesman said the operation was being held once in two weeks with the co-operation of Department of Environment and the Road Transport Department.

“We will be giving out notices to the driver for dirtying the roads and once they receive numerous compounds in a day, they will automatically cease to use residential roads,” added the spokesman.

In response to the CCM Chemical lorries, the company sent a press statement apologising for the inconvenience and has since removed four of its empty tankers from Jalan Sibu.

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