Open parking bays to the public

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Open parking bays to the public

Postby admin » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:34 am

With reference to “Parking pain” (StarMetro) and having worked in PJ New Town for the last 25 years, I would like to make some observations and suggestions regarding the woes here and in other places.

I estimate half the roadside parking lots are taken up by those working in these areas. This is because the monthly rate for season passes is RM100 for roadside parking while in the parking complexes it is RM150.

This leaves very few lots for the public coming to New Town. They have great difficulty finding parking space and this has discouraged them from patronising New Town. Please stop roadside season parking and encourage those working in the area to use the parking complexes or to park at the Civic Centre.

The open space behind HSBC Bank should be converted into a parking complex as originally planned. This place was formerly occupied by hawkers.

The ground floor of Parking Complex B, behind Maybank has been reserved for the staff of MBPJ for the last two years. This has caused animosity as the business community has been using it the last 20 years.

Many of the lots are left unoccupied as their staff are on leave or away from the office. This is more obvious during school holidays and during festivals.

MBPJ should not aggravate the parking woes. I suggest leaving the ground floor for non-season parking and do away with reserved parking lots as these are insufficient.

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