Residents irked by Puspakom centre near homes and school

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Residents irked by Puspakom centre near homes and school

Postby admin » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:56 am

Residents in Kampung Sungai Manggis, Banting, are unhappy with the existence of a Puspakom centre near a school and housing area.

They complained that the smoke and noise were overbearing.

Besides pollution emitted from the vehicles undergoing examination at the centre, residents also complained that the heavy vehicles parked by the roadside were causing traffic obstruction on the Klang-Banting road heading towards Dengkil.

They want the Selangor government to relocate the centre to a suitable site.

Those affected were residents of Taman Bakti and Taman Manggis Jaya.

Residents said they had been putting up with the situation for many years.

They said the heavy vehicles often arrived as early as 6am, including alternate Saturdays.

A resident, who only identified himself as Ahmad, said most of the vehicles emitted thick smoke during inspection.

The Taman Bakti resident said the centre had recently built a hoarding to separate their compound from the housing estate but it was not of much help.

“Their hoarding does not help in any way to ease the problem.

“It only prevents us from viewing what is happening at the centre.

“However, it does not prevent the vehicles from emitting exhaut fumes into the air and causing terrible noise,” he said.

Kamal Abddullah, 47, said the centre was located near the entrance of a housing estate, a school, a mosque and a community kindergarten.

“The residents are also concerned over the existence of numerous food outlets not far away from the centre,’’ he said, adding people’s quality of life had been affected.

R. Ramayah, 55, said the centre was causing traffic congestion because the road leading to the centre had become a waiting area for trailers, trucks and container lorries.

Former Kuala Langat district councillor P. Pathmanathan, who is also a resident of Taman Bakti, said the authorities had taken several measures including installing a gantry at the housing estate entrance to prevent heavy vehicles from entering.

“In the past, the heavy vehicles used to wait inside the housing estate and the gantry has barred them from doing so now.

“However, they park along the main road and sometimes the queue will stretch up to two kilometres.’’ he said

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