Desa Petaling residents want RapidKL to do better

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Desa Petaling residents want RapidKL to do better

Postby admin » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:49 am

Residents of Desa Petaling in Kuala Lumpur are frustrated by the bad bus services from RapidKL U48.

Among the complaints raised by the users were the long waiting hours, rude drivers, unusual bus routes as well as skipped bus-stops.

The problem is compounded by traffic congestion along Jalan 3/125 caused by indiscriminate parking.

About 60% of the residents in the area use public transport.

Daily commuter Shirley Cheong, 25, said her experiences had been mostly unpleasant.

She said the bus driver would often get angry at passengers and slam on the the emergency brakes.

“I have fallen down when the drivers hit the brakes and sometimes even old folks fall down.

“The drivers do not seem to be bothered and we have to wait two to three hours for the bus,” she said, adding sometimes the drivers would not enter Salak Selatan as they were catching up on time.

Muk Ig Jung, 77, who takes the bus to Pudu market to buy groceries, said she had often been shouted at for bringing her marketing on board the bus.

“The drivers would say that the perishables were smelly and stinking up the bus.

“There had also been times when I was scolded for not topping up my bus card,” she said.

Muk has also seen drivers taking their time over tea and cigarette breaks, which adds to the delay faced by passengers.

The matter was brought to the attention of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, who carried out a small survey among 10 people for their feedback and suggestions on the bus service.

“The residents managed to convey their grouses to RapidKL and we have given them the survey forms with the feedback.

“More people should come forward with their complaints on RapidKL because the Government is encouraging people to take public transport. These complaints will help RapidKL improve its services.

“As for the parking problem, the police need to take action by issuing summonses, which will have an impact,” she said.

She added in the meantime, her office would put up signage to discourage indiscriminate parking and allow the bus to stop at the designated stops when picking up passengers.

Representatives from RapidKL were present to hear the feedback from the residents. They explained some situations surrounding the difficulties faced by RapidKL and the traffic congestion.

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