Lorry driver rams into robbers on motorcycle

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Lorry driver rams into robbers on motorcycle

Postby admin » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:55 am

SERDANG: A furious lorry driver and his assistant put paid to the hopes of two robbers who struck it big, after they grabbed a bag containing RM21,000.

Not only did the two robbers lose the loot, but also nearly paid for it with their lives as the lorry driver rammed his lorry into the suspects' motorcycle to prevent their get-away.

The robbery victim in the incident that happened on Friday, at Taman Equine, Sri Kembangan, was a 58-year-old woman.

She had just withdrawn the RM21,000 at 11.30am from a nearby bank when she was set upon by the two men.

The woman sat in the front passenger seat of her husband's taxi. It had just left the bank's vicinity when its path was suddenly blocked by a Proton Waja at a T-junction.

Two men, in a Yamaha 125Z, then rode astride the taxi and the pillion passenger wrapped his hand with a piece of cloth and smashed the front passenger window where the woman was seated.

He then grappled with the woman before grabbing the bag containing RM21,000 and dashing off on the motorcycle.

Seeing the incident unfolding before them nearby, the lorry driver and his assistant rammed into the motorcycle approaching them.

"We just wanted to block the road, but the thieves were speeding and almost got away," his assistant said.

"The driver rammed the lorry into the motorcycle's right-hand side, causing the robbers to be thrown several metres away."

He said both the suspects immediately got up although they were injured and blood was running from their hands and feet. They jumped into the waiting Proton Waja and sped off.

"We were so angry on seeing the suspects snatching the bag from the old woman. We had always read and seen news on snatch thefts and robberies, which either resulted in the victims' death or injuries.

"Even pregnant women have not been spared. That was why we decided to act."

Serdang district police chief Superintendent Abdul Razak Elias said the victim had withdrawn the RM21,000, which belonged to her late mother, for distribution among family members.

He said the suspects failed to get away with the money as they left in a hurry. "They could not take the cash as it was scattered on the road following the driver's brave action."

Razak said police seized the motorcycle left by the suspects and checks revealed that it was not reported stolen.

"We are looking for the motorcycle's owner and believe that the suspects will be nabbed soon.

"Police are also investigating if the incident involved a syndicate as they robbed a woman soon after she withdrew a large amount of money."

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