Mobile street vendors add to parking woes in PJ

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Mobile street vendors add to parking woes in PJ

Postby admin » Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:54 am

Mobile street hawkers who trade from pick-up vans and utilise public parking bays in commercial areas around Petaling Jaya might end up with an extra rental fee of RM400 a month or close to RM5,000 on an annual basis.

The RM400 fee is on top of the annual RM180 licence fee.

Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman said street hawkers who are supposed to be on the move have developed a trend of using a parking bay for more than half a day.

“Street hawkers who jostle for parking bays like in SS2, Section 14 and PJ New Town contribute to the traffic congestion in the commercial areas and is one of the major problems, unsolved over a decade,” he said.

Roslan added one of the main reasons behind the traffic congestion was mobile street hawkers occupying a major share of the road on both sides, leaving hardly any space for the public and the vehicles, to move with ease.

“Though the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has taken strict action in towing away the pick-up vans, hawkers are not deterred. They are back as soon as the enforcement officers are gone. We have to come up with new guidelines to curb the misuse of the parking bays,” he said.

Roslan added the Health, Legal and Enforcement sub-committee had decided to impose the charge of RM400 per month or RM5,000 on annual basis for a street hawker who wanted to use the parking bay to trade their wares.

At yesterday’s full board meeting Roslan called upon the sub-committee to discuss the matter in-depth before the fee was made compulsory.

He also added that a study must be carried out to ascertain whether the locations were suitable for mobile street hawkers.

“All approval to allow mobile street hawkers to utilise the parking bays must be viewed on a case-to-case basis. The sub-committee must see from the aspects of cleanliness, health and traffic conditions,” he said.

Councillor Tiew Way Keng said the amount of RM400 per month was based on the agreement with the firm that manages the parking lots.

“It is based on the terms and conditions drawn up by the private firm that will charge RM400 if a trader or even a tyre shop uses a parking bay for their businesses,” she said.

Residents in PJ have expressed concern over disordeliness in some parts of the city, which they said was caused by MBPJ failing to enforce regulations against street hawkers who use the parking bays and double park thus blocking parked vehicles.

Resident Awang Had Salleh, 56, who was an observer at the full board said the most affected areas were SS2, Section 14 and the PJ New Town, which becomes inaccessible in the afternoons until late evenings.

“Some open up the side of the pick-up vans and take up more space. In certain roads in Section 14, they go up to the middle of the roads, leaving little space for motorists and pedestrians,” he added.

Awang also claimed some traders blocked the parking bay overnight with old vans and would use the bay in the day after removing the van left at the side of the road.

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