Lack of parking areas

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Lack of parking areas

Postby admin » Tue May 03, 2011 4:22 am

WITH a family owning at least two cars these days, parking space in residential areas is scarce.

Many residents have resorted to placing objects in front of their houses to reserve the space for themselves and to prevent others from parking there.

Among the common items used to reserve the spots are flower pots, traffic cones, pails, plastic bollards and signs.

In some cases, placing such items on the road would cause disputes among the neighbours.

A Bandar Utama resident said her neighbour placed a traffic cone at the boundary of their houses but often pushed it further to her side.

“It’s a childish game we’re playing. I push it back to the boundary but whenever we remove our car parked outside the house, they will push the cone back to our side.

“We should respect each other and keep our cars within our own boundary instead of being so selfish,” she said.

The resident noted that using traffic cones to “claim ownership” of the parking space is a norm in her housing area.

“Many of us have three or more cars and the road is full of cars at night,” she said.

In Taman Melawati, Ampang, the residents were concerned about a kerb built by a neighbour outside his house.

A resident said the existence of the kerb jeopardised the pedestrians’ safety as it obstructed their path to avoid oncoming vehicles.

“An elderly person pushing a pram cannot go onto the kerb if a car comes close by,” he said.

He suspected the kerb was built to prevent others from parking there and the residents had complained to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

“MPAJ tried to get the house owner to remove the kerb but the resident said the kerb was to beautify the area and was not an obstruction.

“However, the reason is invalid and building the kerb is also against the law,” he said.

When contacted, MPAJ public relations officer Norhayati Ahmad said the council was aware of the matter and allowed the resident to keep the kerb.

“The owner said he wanted to landscape the area. Furthermore, the house is a corner lot and cars parked at the location would obstruct the views of other road users.

“Parking on the green belt near the road is not allowed, and we concluded that the kerb does not obstruct traffic,” she said.

On the other hand, residents who park outside their houses also risk getting a summons from the local councils.

A USJ 20 resident, Moses Tan, was issued a summons by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) in March for parking right in front of his house and the offence stated was “parking at a place not meant to be car park.”

A word “aduan” (complaint) was scribbled on the summons so he suspected it was his neighbour who complained to MPSJ.

But he went to the MPSJ offce and managed to get the summons written off based on the documentary evidence that he was a resident there.

“The senior employees in MPSJ were willing to listen and acted judiciously.

“It only involved a slight inconvenience in having to spend the time to appeal,” he said.

MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran said it was indeed illegal to park outside a parking box drawn by the local councils.

“However, the fact is, in most housing areas, residents have to park outside their houses.

“MPSJ rarely enforces this, unless the areas are near commercial lots and there are complaints from the residents,” he said.

He added that the council should allow owners to park their cars outside the house.

“I have raised this a few times at the MPSJ infrastructure meetings but my attempts were unsuccessful.

“However, the cars can also become an obstruction sometimes when they are parked too far from the road shoulder,” he said.

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