Those providing middlemen service at Puspakom cry foul

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Those providing middlemen service at Puspakom cry foul

Postby admin » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:24 am

RUNNERS have expressed their unhappiness over the red tape imposed at Puspakom and blame it for failing to provide an efficient and practical system that would prevent abuse.

Yesterday, StarMetro interviewed several runners including those who operate at Padang Jawa and Taman Alam Megah centres and found that they were against the booking system introduced by Puspakom in April last year, saying the system was not practical compared to the walk-in setup used in the past.

The system, they said, had failed to offer efficient service to customers.

“Most of the time Puspakom’s phone lines are left unattended or are busy,” they said.

The runners also said it was wrong of Puspakom to bar them from carrying out their duties.

Puspakom, they said, was wrong to label them as touts.

Michael Ding, a runner for 20 companies, said he had been barred from entering Puspakom since Monday because he was branded a tout.

He said he had been servicing his clients, including used car dealers and transport companies for five years, and was shocked to be labelled a tout.

“I do not cheat anyone or go around soliciting business from vehicle owners.

“This is my only means of income and I am not ashamed as it is a decent job,’’ he said, adding that the booking system was ineffective.

P. Baskaran of Bazi Enterprise, who was also blacklisted by Puspakom, said his company provided runner services to more than 100 companies who wanted their vehicles inspected by Puspakom.

He said he had been operating the business for more than 15 years and Puspakom’s decision to blacklist him was unfair.

“I did not do anything wrong. I was merely providing a service to my clients,’’ he said, adding that he had five men working for him.

Another affected person, who only identified himself as Pak Din, said Puspakom’s booking system was a failure.

He said the company should seriously consider reverting to the walk-in system whereby vehicles were inspected on a first-come, first-served basis.

“They are putting a lot of pressure on us. It is not easy to get bookings for inspections over the phone or via SMS,’’ he said.

Taxi driver and manager of Koperasi Sri Permata Saharudin Md Nor said he had been handling the inspection of 150 vehicles owned by the cooperative and a taxi association for more than 15 years.

Md Nor was also among those barred from entering Puspakom.

“They stopped me this morning because they said I do not have valid documents,’’ he added.

G. Shankar of Davamani Enterprise who was one of those affected said his company was responsible for selling insurance and stickers for commercial vehicles.

Besides that, he said the company also offered runner services to companies.

“We are merely providing services for a fee and should not be penalised,” he said.

StarMetro reported that Puspakom had enforced strict rules on touts who allegedly took advantage of its vehicle inspection booking system by making block bookings at the expense of vehicle owners.

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