MBPJ seeks public opinion on one-way project

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MBPJ seeks public opinion on one-way project

Postby admin » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:13 am

BARRING any major changes or objections to the proposed traffic plan displayed at the Petaling Jaya City Council’s (MBPJ) headquarters, engineering works to begin transforming Jalan Utara, Jalan Timur, Jalan Sultan and Jalan Barat into a one-way loop could begin as early as the end of the year.

The council is now inviting public comments on the proposed traffic changes.

The final draft of the planned one-way system will be displayed at the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) headquarters for the next two weeks and the public are welcome to give their feedback.

Deputy mayor Puasa Md Taib launched the exhibition at the MBPJ headquarters yesterday.

He said this will enable the public to register their concerns or objections with the council.

In addition to information boards, there was also a video on the new traffic system.

Puasa said the plans for the new traffic system will also be uploaded onto the council’s official website for public feedback.

“Petaling Jaya was originally a satellite town and established to ease overcrowding in Kuala Lumpur. But now it has evolved into a city in its own right.

“As a city, traffic problems are present and the planned one-way traffic system will alleviate traffic jams, especially during peak hours,” said Puasa.

He added that currently the council had allocated RM8mil for the project but the total cost is projected to reach RM18mil to 20mil.

Puasa explained that the council had planned to make Jalan Utara, Jalan Timur, Jalan Barat and Jalan Sultan into a one-way loop in the mid-90s.

“However, the timing was not right and nothing was done. It is now timely to proceed with the changes as more developments are taking place with the increasing traffic.

“There are an estimated 10,000 parking bays for these new developments,” said Puasa.

MBPJ Engineering Department director Cheremi Tarman said engineering work, which involves demolishing road dividers, will begin by the end of the year or early 2014, and that the project was estimated to take between eight and 12 months.

“But we will not be demolishing dividers completely as areas such as the Light Rail Transit stations and schools are the exceptions,” said Cheremi.

Goh Bok Yen, from traffic management consultants MAG Technical & Development Consultants Sdn Bhd, said studies and projections showed that the new system would be able to cater to traffic up to 2025.

“This means that there will be time to conduct mid-term reviews and plan a new traffic system before 2025,” said Goh.

He added that the widened roads also mean that there would be additional walking paths for pedestrians, with the inclusion of bicycle lanes.

“One advantage of the new traffic system is the time factor. We conducted a study on the traffic situation during peak hours and found that motorists travel only about 18km/per hour, for 27 minutes, especially with five traffic stops.

“The new system, according to projections, shows that the public will take less than 10 minutes to complete the circuit at a speed of 48km/per hour. They may travel a longer distance but the time taken is shorter.

“Even if one missed a turning, the free-flow of traffic along the planned circuit will ensure it is not too difficult to get back to the original point.

“You can cut it even shorter because you can make just a half-circle and cross to the other side with the Federal Highway,” he said.

Goh added that the stakeholders such as residents and developers had agreed to the traffic system change in principle as the plan was technically justified.

The new system was first mooted at the council’s September full board meeting last year (“One-way traffic plan for five major roads” Sept 28, 2012).

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