Stand your ground if tint done by reputable dealer

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Stand your ground if tint done by reputable dealer

Postby admin » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:23 am

A MONTH ago I took a year-old car I had just bought to Puspakom in Genting Klang to get it certified for the transfer of ownership.

They were very polite and efficient and I was impressed.

Then when it came to my turn they brought a light meter and checked the tinting on my car and told me that the tint was not acceptable and must be removed.

I was shocked and argued with them but they refused to listen.

Finally, I had the letter from the dealer certifying the tint as acceptable faxed over (mine was an expensive continental car bought from the importer).

They still refused to budge. I then told them I was going to sue the dealer and before that I wanted to see the readings on their light meter. I insisted they do the test in front of me.

They were reluctant but eventually agreed and would you believe it, all were within the allowed limits.

Side windows allowed 50% light and front, 70%. They said it was marginal and that was why the earlier reading was different.

Anyway, they quietly accepted the reading and gave me the certificate.

On getting home, my son-in-law told me he had the same experience and had to remove all the tint and have the car re-tinted.

In fact, the used car dealer gave him RM700 to have his car re-tinted saying Puspakom will not pass it for transfer anyway.

I dismissed it, thinking maybe it was very dark.

Yesterday, I read on the Lowyat forum that all cars taken to Puspakom will need to have their tint removed before inspection.

I think some of the bad hats in Puspakom are in cahoots with nearby tinting shops.

Read the full article: ... 44470&sec=
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