Application to install beacon light

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Application to install beacon light

Postby admin » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:06 am

A beacon light is a multi-coloured warning light and it is categorised as an accessory that is fitted on top of the roof or upper part of a vehicle.

Purpose of the light

This light is used to remind other road users that they need to slow down their vehicles and to be careful when they are in the area.
According to Rule 24 of the Motor Vehicles (Road Traffic) Rules 1959, only police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and RTD vehicles are allowed to have priority over traffic on any road in this country. However, according to Rule 138 (1) of the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Rules 1959, the Director-General of RTD has the power to exempt any vehicle from complying with any existing rules. Private vehicles are not allowed to be fitted with the light.

Method of application


1. The vehicle has been registered as a company vehicle.
2. Only the owner or secretary of the company is eligible to apply.
3. Private vehicles are not allowed to be fitted with the light.

Besides the stipulation in rule 24, applications for the installation of a beacon light can be made by forwarding an official letter of application to this department. The letter of application should contain the following:

1. Background of the company
2. Purpose of the light
3. Type of light to be used
4. Copy of vehicle registration card

Method of installation

Light bar should be fitted permanently on the roof without endangering the safety of other road users -

1. A round (small) beacon light can be fitted on top of the roof or upper part of the vehicle either permanently or by using magnet.
2. The use of siren is strictly prohibited except for government agencies which are allowed by law.

Method of use

A vehicle that has been given the approval to install and use a beacon light may use it only on official duties that are categorised as necessary. The light cannot be used arbitrarily as it may disrupt traffic flow.,en/
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