Let’s learn from other countries

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Let’s learn from other countries

Postby admin » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:23 am

READING “20 deaths on first day” (The Star Online, Oct 9), it would seem we can expect more road accidents on the major expressways in the country. It is so sad to read this kind of story.

I would like to share my experience in other countries which have better transportation systems. I suggest that we should learn from them.

Introduce a minimum speed on expressways. It does not make sense to have a vehicle travelling at 50km/h on the left lane and another vehicle going at 110km/h on the right lane.

The difference is too wide and makes it difficult for other drivers to decide whether to keep on the left lane or move over to the right. The end result is usually constant switching between the two lanes.

Cars should be equipped with lights that automatically come on when it turns dark. This will reduce the dependency on the driver to check if there is a need to turn on/off the vehicle lights.

Penalise those who cause massive traffic jams. The traveller should ensure he or she drives safely and the vehicle is able to take the long distances to be covered. Those who just slow down to gawk at an accident but do not intend to help should be penalised.

Better bus, train, LRT and air services will encourage people to take public transportation. Discourage motorcyclists from using expressways.

Specifically for Penang, the Jelutong highway should be thoroughly reviewed. There is no middle barrier to prevent cars from opposite directions crashing head-on should a motorist veer into the opposite lane.


http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?fi ... &sec=focus
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