Emergency lane: No cops to nab errant drivers

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Emergency lane: No cops to nab errant drivers

Postby admin » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:02 am

I DROVE home to Muar from Kuala Lumpur during the Chinese New Year holidays last week.
On Sunday, I travelled back to Kuala Lumpur hoping to avoid any traffic jam. Unfortunately, 10km from the Port Dickson exit, a traffic jam was building up because of an accident.

The jam was due to so many inconsiderate drivers using the emergency lane to jump the queue.

This was being done not only by cars but also big lorries and buses. They just zoomed along the emergency lane and entered the normal lane when it suited them. We, the rule-abiding drivers, had to endure the torture of waiting in the right lane.

Nobody was around to deter these drivers from using the emergency lane.
I read in the newspapers recently that the traffic police and Road Transport Department are getting new staff.

Couldn't they spare at least some of them to patrol the highways during festive holidays?

If there are not enough officers, why don't we deploy recruits from the police and RTD academy and put them on highways with digital cameras to take pictures of these culprits and nab them?

By : M.Z.A., Kuala Lumpur

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