College students have parking woes, too

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College students have parking woes, too

Postby admin » Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:38 am

EVERY day, college students in the Klang Valley go through the nightmare of trying to find a place to park their cars when they get to college and the problem only gets worse if the institution is situated in a commercial area.

Davindra Kumar, 19, said there were too many commercial activities around his college in SS15, Subang Jaya, making it almost impossible to find a free spot at any time of the day.

He cannot even find a parking space in the wee hours of the morning because patrons of a popular cafe near the college will take up the spots.

“Once, I found a parking spot right in front of my college. It was the luckiest day of my life,” Davindra said.

Communications student Behonce Beh once managed to park his car in the open space opposite his college, only to find it submerged when he returned.

“I found my car submerged in flood waters after an afternoon storm a couple of weeks ago. I had to wade through mud-filled water to get to my car,” Beh, 20, said.

Although there is indoor basement parking in the building where his college is located, Beh preferred not to use it because of the exorbitant fee.

“I can either pay a whooping RM76 monthly for basement parking which is convenient, or RM50 for an open car park which is flooded every time it rains,” he said.

Beh added that thrifty students parked near the shoplots where no parking fee were imposed but these were far from the college.

“It is a hassle to get to your car every time it rains if you were to park there,” he said.

Hotel and Tourism student Chan Seong Cheng said the parking spots outside his campus were based on a first-come-first-parked basis and could not be reserved.

Shrinevi Dhamodaran gets to her college early and spends the extra time in campus having breakfast or even a nap in the library but that is not where her problem ends. Shrinevi had had her car broken into twice because she parked it in a remote area.

“Thank goodness I don’t keep anything expensive in my car but it’s so annoying to go through the insurance claim process again and again,” the 23-year-old Information System student said.

Alternative options

THERE are several ways of getting around the hassle of finding a parking spot. Try these tips out. n Rise early Get to college early even if you don’t have morning classes. You’ll find a parking spot and get a good reputation for being punctual.


It has been said over and over but people still don’t pay attention to the benefits of carpooling. Get a couple of friends and form your own carpool buddies. n Use the available public transport. Try to avoid peak hours though.


If your college is just 10 minutes away from home, for goodness sake, walk! Your health will benefit from this as well.

Hitch a ride

If any of your family members passes by your college on their way to work, get a ride from them. You’ll be saving money because petrol and toll money will be on them.

Ride it

Think about getting a motorbike or a bicycle to go to college? These two modes of transport can be parked anywhere and can save a lot of time. ... ec=central
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