Cashless lanes will ease traffic snarl at highway

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Cashless lanes will ease traffic snarl at highway

Postby admin » Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:27 am

I REFER to Ridzuan Jusoh’s letter, “Not fair to force highway users to pay toll in advance” (The Star, Nov 6)

Any advance payment towards the concession is still regarded as value in terms of ringgit. You pay what you use.

And should you choose not to use the highway today, the value of your advance payment remains, without loss to the account holder.

What person in the right frame of mind would ask for more cash lanes instead of cashless lanes?

It is toll plazas like the Sunway toll plaza, which provides countless cash lanes which contribute to the daily traffic snarl in the morning.

With only four Touch ‘n Go and Smart Tag lanes, it causes backlog as many motorists are too stingy to buy a Smart Tag device, even those who are driving luxury cars.

Are people that blind to understand the cause of traffic jams at toll booths? Granted the number of vehicles travelling through that plaza is high. All the more reason why more cashless lanes should be introduced.

Having said all that, a discount is much welcomed should users decide to top up more than the given value.

That way, many would be encouraged to switch to cashless devices as they will be able to save, especially frequent highway users.

I am not a fan of toll, but it is a reality in life we have to face.

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