2006 Saman: Court Date Expired

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2006 Saman: Court Date Expired

Postby Blinque » Mon May 12, 2008 3:27 pm


Recently as I was tidying up my room I discovered an old saman that was lying around in cupboard, that I have forgotten about.
The saman was from 11 March 2006 for Seatbelt offenses.

I went on the internet to check on the Blacklist, and sure enough this saman was in the blacklist and I have been blacklisted.
Maximum compound is RM300, reduced compound is RM70.

However, there is one thing that I am not sure about, it says that my saman has "Court Date Expired / Tarikh Mahkamah Luput"

What does that mean? Any experience in this? Will I have any difficulty settling my saman with this "Court Date Expired" thing?

I was actually thinking of hiring a runner to pay for me at the PJ Traffic Police Station, is that still possible or do I have to go personally? I think to settle this it will definitely be at least RM300, maybe even more because of this Court thing.

Any advise?
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Re: 2006 Saman: Court Date Expired

Postby gunajalanraya » Wed May 28, 2008 6:04 am

I "think" Court Date Expired / Tarikh Mahkamah Luput is for you to settle the saman before you are due to go to court!? And how do you know the saman can be reduce to RM70 from RM300? Furthermore, expired saman can be reduce? It is better you go and pay yourself else if runner do it for you, then you should make sure have the receipt. By the way, where can you find runner to pay your polis saman?
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Re: 2006 Saman: Court Date Expired

Postby admin » Wed May 28, 2008 8:36 am

the last time i had an expired summon was back in 2005 or 2006. and as far as i know, not very sure of it, the expired date in the summon is for you to make the payment, once expired, you will need to attend court to settle it.

i would advice you to pay the summon before it expired, or if you want to appeal, make it before the expiry date. and if it is already expired, then i am not sure you can still pay or not, but if i am you, i would definitely check it out at the payment counter or the traffic police station immediately, and pay it if still able to. no point dragging yourself to the court for the mere sake of rm300, it will be a true hassle, unless you are sure you did not make the alleged offend and you have the proof. that's my opinion.

btw, i also do not know there is runner to pay traffic summon? can share some info and contact details? :) might be useful. but for me, i will first try paying online "if the summon is not expired yet".
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