Bandar Mahkota Cheras: Your say

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Bandar Mahkota Cheras: Your say

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‘Grand Saga, even though you think you are right, why don’t you do something charitable for society? You already making tonnes of money.’

On BMC fracas: Police beat up youth

Patrick Yong: I am beginning to feel that there are some semblance of an old feudal system in our country. A high ranking ex-police officer operating a company, with only profits in mind with no social responsibility towards the daily hardship of the people having to inconveniently drive a six-kilometre distance to pay a 90 sen toll is a reflection of a ‘war lord’ mentality with the full might of police used to quell any protests. I am ashamed that the federal authorities can only sit and watch this episode unveil itself - a shameful demonstration of warlord mentality.

Edmund: What’s the purpose of a highway? A highway is built to make people’s lives easier. Not more difficult. The traffic jams suffered by the residents are extremely bad. It is like having constipation all the time. Malaysians in general are patient, tolerant and moderate people.

When we see such a big demonstration, there must be something wrong. The people are suffering immensely. The government is not doing anything at all. Abdullah must do something. You are the prime minister, so take care of what happens in Malaysia. Abdullah should stop staying so silent and leaving the country to run on auto-pilot mode.

Who cares about the contracts with the highway company? If it is wrongly signed in the first place for whatever reasons, correct it now. Throw the contracts away. You are the government and you should do everything for the people, not for the highway company.

Exercise your power. Send in FRU and water cannons to destroy the highway company, not the people! For the owners of the highway company, please do something about your conscience. Don’t do it just for the money.

Even though if you think you are right to build the barricade, why don’t you do something charitable to the society and the people? After all, you have already making tonnes and tonnes of money. God is watching and whoever who sins will be punished.

Peter: Now we know who is behind the police’s involvement in the BMC access road blockage. For the rakyat of Cheras, please get united and boycott the Cheras toll to teach them a lesson.

There are many alternative routes to take to avoid the toll, including access through Taman Indah to Taman Tun Hussein Onn to Taman Len Seng and out through Phoenix Plaza or to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Or use the Balakong highway to access other areas.

Gordon Lim Chee Keong: I am truly shocked to read this news. There's no word to describe how brutal the FRU has been towards Chang. Even if he were to have provoked the FRU, what makes him deserve to be treated in such inhumane way?

Let alone being human, I wouldn't even want to beat up a dog who attacked me the way they have done. The excessive force they used on Chang is intolerable. It only shows that the government is violent.

Ensin: It has been shown again and again that our police is not there to protect the rakyat. They dare to beat the rakyat because they know the Umno goons will not take action against them. When Pakatan Rakyat comes to be the federal government, please remember these 20 and charge them with attempted murder of the rakyat.

Son of Malaysia: I must say I that although this happened to someone else, I feel my rights violated nevertheless. If the FRU's allegations that the youth had run over one of them were to be true, it still does not condone their violent actions.

As part of our country's security force, they should have only detained the youth if the allegation was true. They should propagate calm and peace by example.

A police officer claimed: ‘He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved’. I, as a citizen of this country, demand that this dangerous officer be relieved of his duty pending an inquiry. How can a officer of the law utter such dangerous words?

I have great respect for all our security forces, either the police, army and the the fire and rescue teams. We need them for without them there would be chaos in this country.

However, officers such as those quoted above appear to undermine the integrity of our forces and such thorns should be removed immediately. I am also demanding for disciplinary action against Kajang police chief Shakaruddin Che Mood for saying ‘They were only traffic policemen whom he had sent to the area for traffic control’.

If I were a traffic policeman, there would be no greater insult if my superior were to utter such degrading words. If there was house on fire would he just stand and watch? After all he is just a police chief and not a fireman. You insult yourself and the uniform that you wear. You should refer to the oath that you took before saying such embarrassing remarks.

I would like highlight that we as Malaysians are maturing rapidly and we no longer accept abuse or lame answers from anyone. Therefore, I would like to warn any official of any department to not to brush us off with arrogant and lame excuses for we will question your ignorance. We do not take kindly to words or remarks that insult our intelligence. Buck up or resign gracefully.

Peter Ooi: I do not understand why the government and ministry concerned can stand by while this issue drags on. Can't the authority concerned come forth and settle the issue amicably to the satisfaction of both parties?

I empathise with the residents living in that area. Times are hard now as prices are rising. For the residents living around Bandar Mahkhota Cheras, it was a god-sent extra saving when they found that they could save on the toll by using the state road. On top of that, they could save time and money on petrol for the extra distance they have to travel.

To the rich and well-connected, the amount saved is pittance, but to the average wage-earner it is a princely sum. The government always claim that it is a caring one. This is the time to prove it to the residents and the rakyat at large.

It must find urgency in solving the problem. There is too many reported cases of violence and beating by both the residents and police. Let us pray that the government does not wait until a life or two is lost (God forbid) before intervening.

PT Tan: The police are supposed to enforce the law, not take the law into their own hands, whatever the interpretation or circumstances.

Even if a police personnel had been run over, they should detain the youth and charge him with attempted murder or for causing grevious hurt, not hurting the youth grievously.

Malaysians look forward to those involved to be disciplined, charged and held accountable. Anything less will be an insult to any claim of a semblance of law and order in Malaysia.

Aaron Yap: Why hasn’t the PM or his internal security minister stepped in and said something? A 21- year-old youth is badly beaten by the police team who are supposed to provide security for the public. May I ask whether Malaysia is a police state? Where has the law and order of this country gone? Can we still see justice here?

Adrian Ng Chai Foong: I am actually one of the residents affected by the closure of the road. I count myself fortunate not to be at the scene on Tuesday night as it could have been any one of us who could have been brutally beaten by the thugs/police/FRU. The victim that was beaten and had his right hand broken is my mom's friend. How unfortunate as he was only there to lend support.

Where are the police and FRU when the people need them? Do they not know that their presence is needed due to the intense situation? Don't they read the newspapers? The news reporters and photographers are there to witness and record everything. Don't tell me the police's so-called ‘intelligence’ does not know this.

First they protect the profit making company ie, Grand Saga, then they fire tear gas and spray water cannons at the residents. Now there are thugs/police/FRUs brutally beating the residents. What amazed me was that no thugs were arrested! The arrested were the victims! How can this be? Please explain this not only to the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, but to all Malaysians. If this can happen here and now, this can happen anywhere in Malaysia.

Downunder: You only have to speculate why the goons disappeared just before the police arrived. And the director of Grand Saga is an ex-police chief. Whatever happened to the law and order of this country? I think BN has lost control of its police force and lost control of the security in the country.

Henry: With the ever existing corruption and the 'above the law' attitude amongst the police, it is no wonder why we do not trust and respect the police. One would have difficulty not to look at them with contempt.

Devan: Dear BMC residents, the federal government is already tarnished in the eyes of all the Malaysian people. Till now, they keep on hijacking the Malaysian people’s freedom. Let them do, I want to see, until when there are going to go on do this? They already forgot, or maybe don't know, that someone is watching. Again, I think that they don't know, there is a God in this world.

Let them pay for their sins. Later on, of course, it will be our turn to watch their suffering. To BMC residents, please be patient, please arrange special prayers everyday. At the same time, we also will pray for BMC residents. Don't worry, God is watching.

Lau Sue Chau: I really feel that the police is working alongside this company called Grand Saga. With all these events, where are the politicians? The elected PAS members of parliament? You have won the peoples' votes, you have collected your salaries for the last two months, where are you?

Where is Ronnie Liu and all the DAP’s so-called champions? Yes, you have the mandate but please be reminded that five years will pass pretty soon. What about Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor menteri besar? Another arm-chair administrator enjoying the coziness of his air- conditioned office oblivious to the suffering of the people who had supported him? If he is too busy, what about his personal assistants?

Anwar Ibrahim was able to traverse the nation’s length and breadth during the general election campaign but is now faced with the real problems of the real people. Has he not been informed too?

Of course, we dare not even hope for Umno, MCA or MIC to assist us. Ttheir culture is that the rich shall prevail and they are the rich.

Tatt Chua: I can see the reason as to the contention at the Bandar Mahkota junction. As a matter of good public relations, the new Selangor government should construct a new access (maybe costing a few million ringgit) linking up Jalan Hulu Langat (an existing access) to Persiaran Mahkota Cheras 1.

Dennis Choy: Mahkota Cheras resident have to go through two toll gates to reach KL via a longer 5km route. Even if the barricade is removed we still have to pay RM1 toll. I propose that the Malaysian Highway Authority install a toll gate along the highway from Jalan Cheras near Sg Long to The Mines.

Revenue from this collection will go to the toll operator who can justify they are not making money. Presently this is a toll-free highway. I also suggest that the MHA observe the traffic the jams in the morning and evening from Mondays to Friday at Bandar Mahkota to understand the problem there.
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