Rethink ban on used car parts

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Rethink ban on used car parts

Postby admin » Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:29 am

PETALING JAYA: The Govern­ment has been urged to set stringent standards to monitor new auto component parts instead of imposing a blanket ban on the importation of used car spare parts, industry players said.

Selangor and Federal Territory Engineering and Motor Parts Traders Association (Empta) said there were many cases where new car parts were of shoddy quality.

“It makes more sense to focus on controlling imitation parts as they are actually of poorer quality than imported original used car parts,” said Empta commercial affairs head Kau Peng Yap.

He said the issue of sub-standard quality of used car parts did not arise as many of the parts came from Japan and Europe, where cars were scrapped after three to five years on the road.

“They are actually really new with very low recorded mileage. They have many more years left in them,” he said.

His suggestion came after it was reported that the Ministry of International Trade and Ind­­ustry (Miti) would impose a blanket ban on used car parts which would be enforced beginning June 1 and all spare parts imports would be banned by 2015.

According to reports, the ban would be carried out gradually and would start with the brake, suspension and steering wheel systems as well as tyres and half-cut vehicles.

Trade operators have said the ban encompassed more than the brake pad, brake lining, tyres and batteries that were initially proposed.

Federal Territory and Selangor Automobile Repairers Asso­ciation chairman Too Peng Huat said they had proposed to limit the ban to these four parts as many customers often bought new ones anyway.

“It’s not good to use second-hand parts for these as new ones are safer,” he said.

Malaysia Heavy Construction Equipment Owners’ Association president Phuah Kim Yean said he hoped the Government would reconsider its decision.

“Many people here cannot afford new cars often, or high maintenance fees,” he said.

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