The CIQ badly needs a major overhaul

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The CIQ badly needs a major overhaul

Postby admin » Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:09 am

MALAYSIA has proposed a third bridge to link Malaysia and Singapore. Before even proposing the third link, we should take a good, hard look at the two links available.

The second link is very much under-utilised, except during the festive seasons or the school holidays, and it’s pretty expensive to use.

The worst hit are commercial vehicles which have to pay much more to enter Singapore than if they had used the Causeway. As such, almost everyone uses the Causeway.

Since the CIQ opened, there have been numerous complaints about people having to walk some distance to reach the taxis at the Johor side, the only two narrow lanes for vehicles snaking in and out of the CIQ and the Johor City commercial hub having become a “ghost town” with shops and petrol stations closing down owing to poor business because the CIQ exits lead vehicles away from the city centre.

Recently, I took the CIQ to Singapore and I would say that there has been little progress in upgrading the CIQ. Motorcyclists were zooming past my car as I reached the CIQ from Singapore. The two lanes are narrow and I was praying that my car would not be grazed by one of these machines.

I wonder why there isn’t a designated motorcycle lane in the first place!

And sure enough, the worst happened. The front passenger in the car behind me opened his door and a motorcyclist rammed into the open door. He was bleeding profusely and the car driver bundled him into his car.

Now comes the shocker! There was no way for the car to get out of the jam. It took me 40 minutes to finally make it and I’m sure the driver behind me was helpless as there was no way for him to squeeze through the two lanes to rush the injured motorcyclist to hospital!

When I related this to a friend, he told me that he was caught in a jam at the CIQ on the Johor side for nearly 21/2 hours. I am certain that a person who has a heart attack at the CIQ would not survive simply because there is no way to get him out or for help to reach him.

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