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Tomyam toll

Postby admin » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:01 am

PETALING JAYA: The lorry came to a halt on the road shoulder outside the tomyam restaurant. The driver stepped out and walked in.

A woman at the shop approached him to take the order — but she wasn’t talking about food.

“Tell me, from where to where, the type of the vehicle, the time and date of your travel,” she asked.

The Serasi Tomyam Seafood restaurant sells fake toll receipts for a nominal fee.

The wooden seafood restaurant, near Simpang Renggam, located right between Kulai Jaya and Kluang districts, is a well-known rest and recreation (R&R) spot for heavy vehicle drivers - and is one of the most popular “hotspots” that sells fake toll receipts.

Lorry operators, government agencies and private firms are being duped daily in this multi-million ringgit toll scam.

Starprobe has uncovered an organised syndicate that uses nondescript locations such as food outlets and houses as bases to sell fake toll receipts, which are identical to the original ones obtained from toll booths.

They have the PLUS corporate logo against the white background as well as the details such as time, date, entry and exit points and the correct toll charges.

These can be used to make fake claims — as high as RM250 for travel up and down the length of the North-South Expressway.

For a small fee, errant drivers of tankers, trailers and lorries can make claims for toll charges using the fake receipts even though they only used trunk roads.

Drivers on official duty outstation are also taking advantage of this to cheat their employers.

Motorists need to pay only RM4 for a fake PLUS receipt while the charge for heavy vehicles is only RM5.

This means claimants make a handsome profit - a heavy vehicle driver who travels from Ipoh to Sedenak, Johor, can claim RM269.60 for the two-way journey when he actually spent only RM10 for two fake receipts. Likewise, a motorist who travels from Jalan Duta to Skudai, Johor, can claim RM94 for two ways although he spent only RM8 on two fake receipts.

The transaction in the fake receipts is discreet and many heavy vehicle drivers know where the hotspots are.

Starprobe found out that the fake toll receipts are sold at several strategic towns including Dengkil in Selangor, Simpang Renggam in Johor and Karak, Pahang.

To avoid getting caught, the receipts are also sold via bookings made through the telephone. Those who place their “orders” this way can also have the receipts hand-delivered to them at strategic locations.

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