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Get latest info on road closures from PWD

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:49 am
by admin
PETALING JAYA: The Public Works DepartĀ­ment is manning a 24-hour operations centre to provide information on roads affected by floods in the northern region.

Several officers have been deployed to give updated information on the routes affected and advice on alternative routes available to road users.

Latest reports from the operations room show that several federal and state roads in Perlis, Kedah and selected areas in Kelantan have been closed.

In Kedah, the worsening floods have caused 31 federal roads and 27 state roads to be closed, with four more closed to light vehicles.

Three federal roads and two state roads have been closed in Perlis while in Kelantan, two roads which intersect with federal and state roads have been closed to light vehicles.

Motorists were advised to use alternative routes to get to their destinations.

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