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Traffic woes to get worse at Jalan Genting-Kelang

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:16 am
by admin
The stretch of Jalan Genting-Kelang near Setapak used to be a jam-packed area. Those days, they blamed it on the market located near the road. So the market was moved to a new site.

But the jam persisted.

The complaint was that the roads were too small, and that buses waiting for passengers further compounded the situation. So the road was widened.

But the jams are still there. People are just parking their cars indiscriminately, along the widened roads, even at the bus stops.

One can also see pedestrians darting across the six-lane road, even though there is a pedestrian bridge nearby.

This problem will become worse when the condominiums, hospital, retail shops and shopping mall project in the area, are completed.

In the meantime, can we see some enforcement along the stretch of road?

Illegal parking along the road, motorists making illegal U-turns, jumping queue at the traffic lights, not stopping at the red lights, pedestrians jay walking, buses waiting for passengers, are the norm along this road.

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