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30% toll reduction at the Second Link

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:17 am
by admin
The state government hoped the 30% toll reduction at the Second Link would spur higher usage of the link, said Housing, Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil.

Some 14,000 vehicles use the Second Link to enter Singapore each day since January this year.

A majority of the vehicles were motorcycles (9,765) followed by cars and vans (3,626), buses (442) and lorries (369).

Ahmad Zahri (BN-Sri Medan) was replying to Datuk Abdul Aziz Sapian (BN-Nusajaya) and Tan Cher Puk (BN-Johor Jaya) who posed questions about the link and the number of road users.

“This 30% reduction will only be implemented at the Tanjung Kupang toll plaza,” he said, adding that the reduction would be between RM0.50 and RM14.60.

The new rates for motorcycles beginning Aug 1 will be RM1.10, cars (RM7.50), small lorries (RM17.10), trailers (RM34.30), taxis (RM5.70) and buses (RM9.10).

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