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MHA should widen highway and create U-turn

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:04 pm
by admin
A FEW hundred families live in Taman Bukit Margosa, Seremban, and its surrounding areas. When we first moved here, it was a quiet area.

We were shocked when in 2008, we were informed of the construction of Lebuhraya Kajang-Seremban (Lekas) right through our neighbourhood.

I am most upset that the relevant authorities have failed to minimise its long-term effects on residents.

For almost two years, we endured the inconveniences of road closures, dust and noise.

Now, our children are separated from their school. Sending them to school which took 10 minutes before this now takes more than 30 minutes.

This is because there is only one (and longer distance) route from the housing area to school. Vehicles form a long queue to exit a junction en route to school.

The authorities should have built a tiered highway to ensure residents are minimally affected. Sure, the cost may be higher, but since when is cost a problem to ensure the convenience of the rakyat?

I recently suggested the creation of two openings and the widening of the highway to include a U-turn to connect both sides of the housing area.

Despite a number of calls to the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA), I have yet to get any feedback.

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