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DBKL procedures for road excavation

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:07 am
by admin
THE guidelines to carry out pipes and cables installation works are listed on the DBKL website (

Applicants must hand in their applications to the DBKL civil works department director with the following details:

* Whether works will be done on footpaths, curbs, road shoulders with grass, on the road or across a road;

* Name and address of contractor;

* Work duration;

* Width and length of the area that will be excavated;

* Calculation of deposit to repair curb or cost to repair road surface or paved footpath; and

* Bank draft number with payment of deposit or repair cost, payable to Bendahari Bandaraya, DBKL.

The department also requires 10 copies of the site plan with name of road where cables or pipes will go through; name of roads around the work site; plan number; plan scale and direction; markings in red to show where work will be done; and markings of landmarks around the area.

Applicants must state whether they are putting a road maintenance deposit (RM23 per meter) or putting a payment for the council to fix the road or footpaths.

The cost to fix tiled or interlocking footpaths are RM63 per sq m and the cost to fix road surfaces or footpaths with premix is (RM42 per sq m X 3)

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