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Brit falls into drain hole ‘trap’ at Batu Ferringhi eatery

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:32 am
by admin
GEORGE TOWN: A retiree from England suffered bruises to his knee and hand after falling into an uncovered part of a drain in Batu Ferringhi while trying to help his disabled friend.

Brendan Tully, 57, who has been in Penang for the past six years under the ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ programme, suffered bruises to his right knee and right hand during the incident which happened at about 4pm on Sunday.

“I was just leaving with my seven friends including my wheelchair-bound friend, after having our meal at the Sunflower Beach Cafe which is fronting the beach in Batu Ferringhi.

“There was only one way for us to leave and it was through the back way. And it was then when I saw a table blocking our way and the moment I moved it to make way for my disabled friend to pass, I fell right into the uncovered drain hole,” he said, adding that he immediately lodged a police report at the Batu Ferringhi police station the same day.

Tully said immediate action should be taken by the authorities to cover the hole to avoid further incidents from taking place.

“I have seen a number of public spots here where the pedestrian walkways are blocked.

“There are also not many pedestrian walkways here and more should be built with consideration given for the disabled people,” he said in an interview yesterday.

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