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JPJ lifts blacklist on vehicle owners with saman ekor

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:51 am
by admin
KUALA LUMPUR: Drivers or vehicle owners who were previously blacklisted for being slapped with saman ekor (postal summonses) are now free to renew their driving licence and road tax.

However, the blacklist still applies for cases which are pending in court or under investigation.

Road Transport Department (JPJ) deputy director-general Datuk Ismail Ahmad said the lifting of the blacklist followed the announcement by Deputy Transport Minister Jelaing Mersat on April 25.

“Motorists whose names were blacklisted under police saman ekor exercises will be allowed to renew their driving licence and road tax,” he said after closing an integrity course for 70 JPJ enforcement officers here yesterday.

“The department will only blacklist errant drivers following a court order imposed against them,” he added.

Jelaing was reported to have said that those with cases pending in court or under police investigation would have their driving licence and road tax renewal blacklisted by JPJ.

Ismail clarified that the blacklist was provided by police and JPJ was only acting on instructions.

“We have never had a policy of issuing saman ekor.

“The summonses issued by our enforcement officers are done on the spot and face-to-face during our operations,” he added.

On a separate issue, Ismail said the department's Inspectorate Unit was carrying out preventive measures to curb graft amongst its officers.

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