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96,000 arrest warrants for Ops Warta VII

PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:26 am
by admin
KUALA LUMPUR: Errant motorists who have not paid up their traffic summonses should do so as soon as possible before the start of Ops Warta VII.

The police have warned that they are ready to issue warrants of arrest and will go house to house to find these motorists.

A total of 96,000 arrest warrants have been readied for the purpose.

Ops Warta VII begins Nov 17 and ends Dec 16.

If the errant motorists are not at home, the police say they are ready to go to the offices and work places to find them.

Motorists can check their status by sending an SMS to 32728 (text: POLIS‹space›SAMAN‹space›c ar number) or checking online at ... sec=nation