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Traffic cops to make house calls

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 2:48 am
by admin
KUALA LUMPUR: Starting next Monday, police will be knocking on the doors of errant motorists in a nationwide traffic crackdown. Traffic offenders, issued a total of 96,000 arrest warrants between May and October this year, will be tracked down by police in Ops Warta VII.

Some 4,000 traffic policemen will be on duty during the operation.

Federal traffic chief Senior Asst Comm II Abdul Aziz Yusup warned errant motorists that police were ready to go to their offices and workplaces to find and arrest them.

Those yet to pay their traffic summonses should do so as soon as possible before the start of Ops Warta VII which ends on Dec 16, he said.

SAC II Abdul Aziz said there should be no excuse as there were many facilities for motorists to make payment and settle their summonses.

“They can settle their summonses online at or,” he said.

Motorists can also make payment at the 148 traffic police counters and 85 e-payment counters located throughout the country.

They can check their traffic summonses status by sending an SMS to 32728 or contacting the nearest traffic police headquarters.

On the discount on summonses, SAC II Abdul Aziz said a 50% discount was applicable to those who received their summonses on the spot, and paid them by the 30-day deadline.

He said offenders who had yet to pay their summonses and had not received letters summoning them to court were eligible for a 30% discount - but not those issued with arrest warrants.

“This discount does not apply to the four main non-negotiable offences – beating a red light, speeding, overtaking on double lines and illegal use of emergency lanes,” he added.

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