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Discount on summonses not the way

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:52 am
by admin
I HAVE been listening to an advertisement on the radio for sometime now, that if we pay our parking or speeding tickets issued by the police through an online portal we can get a 50% discount.

While this strategy may encourage perpetual offenders to pay up, help the Government to collect some badly needed revenue, and at the same time give the perception of improved performance by a government department, I feel that such a gimmick is only sending the wrong message to vehicle owners.

Police tickets are issued primarily as deterrents, and must be effective in eradicating or at least minimising such offences as illegal and inconsiderate parking and speeding.

Giving discounts to offenders, whether they are first time, or repeat cases, gives the message to the guilty ones that it is not painful to commit an offence, and that the enforcement is so weak that the authorities see fit to give a discount to get the fines resolved.

The Governmentt should be serious about monitoring the performance of all the departments, and a good measure of performance is the timely collection of fines and compounds by these departments.

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